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Contributing to Client's Prosperity is one of Heerim's major Philosophy


We Design Tomorrow & Beyond


  • People
    The Talent that delivers the best service and global leadership
  • Excellence
    Best quality of service to lead the industry and the market
  • Creativity
    The continuing innovation in the rapidly changing environment promotes creative core competencies
  • Sustainability
    The sustainable architectural culture that aspires the coexistence of human, nature and the architecture itself


  • Name
    Heerim Architects & Planners Co., Ltd.
  • Address
    39, Sangil-ro 6-gil, Gangdong-gu, Seoul 05288, Korea
  • CEO
    Jeong, Young Kyoon
  • Founded
    Jan. 10th, 1970
  • No. of Employees
    1,100 Persons
  • Eligibility Status

    15 LEED Accredited Professionals

    100 Registered Architects

    137 Licensed Engineers (P.E.)

    308 Certified Civil, Electrical, Mechanical Engineers

    and Landscape Architects

    383 Certified Architectural and Interior Designers

  • Subsidiaries
    P2LEDcube / Seoul, Korea
    HEERIM-PVC / Hanoi, Vietnam
    Heerim Beijing Architects & Planners Co., Ltd. / Beijing, China
    Project Development / Seoul, Korea
  • Branch Office
    Astana, Kazakhstan
    Baku, Azerbaijan
    Beijing, China
    Dhaka, Bangladesh
    Dubai, UAE
    Erbil, Iraq
    Hanoi, Vietnam
    Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
    New York. USA
    Phnom Penh, Cambodia
    Tehran, Iran Branch →


  • Design Division
    Designer Pool
    Development Planning
    Design Studio 1
    Design Studio 2
    Design Studio 3
    Mixed-Use Design Studio 1
    Mixed-Use Design Studio 2
    Global Design Studio 1
    Global Design Studio 2
    Healthcare Design Studio
    Hospitality & Interior Design Studio
    Residential Design Studio 1
    Residential Design Studio 2
    Residential Interior Design Studio
    Urban & Landscape Design Studio
    Quality Control
    Technical Design Studio
    Landscape Design Studio
  • CM Division
    CM Strategic Planning
    CM Overseas Project Management
    CM Project Management
    CM Technical Management
    Investor & Public Relations
    Corporate Administration
    Planning & Coordination

    Domestic Business
    Global Business
    Project Development
    Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality


  • 2017
    Established the Phnom Penh Branch Office in Cambodia
  • 2016
    Established the Tehran Branch Office in Iran
  • 2015
    Established the Astana Branch Office in Kazakhstan
    Relocated to New Headquarters in Sangil-Dong
  • 2014
    Selected for Korean Hidden Champion
    Awarded for 2014 Knowledge Management Award
    Selected for Next Global Champ
  • 2013
    Selected for World Class 300
    Established Heerim Beijing Architects & Planners Co., Ltd.
  • 2012
    Awarded for the $10milion export
  • 2011
    Established an affiliated company in New York
  • 2010
    Established an affiliated company P2 LED³
    Established the Dhaka Branch Office in Bangladesh
    Established the Abu Dhabi Branch Office in UAE
  • 2009
    HEERIM-PVC International Design
    Joint Stock Company (Vietnam)
  • 2007
    Established the Baku Branch Office in Azerbaijan
    Established the Dubai Branch Office in UAE
  • 2005
    Established the Hanoi Branch Office in Vietnam
  • 2004
    Acquired ISO 14001 Certification
  • 2000
    Licensed and Registered for International Construction Business
    Listed in KOSDAQ
  • 1997
    Relocated to New Headquarters in Suseo-Dong
    Acquired ISO 9001 Certification
  • 1996
    Established Research Institute
  • 1989
    Incorporated as Heerim Architects & Planners Co., Ltd.
  • 1970
    Founded as Heerim Architects