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다양한 분야의 고부가가치 시설영업에서 입지를 확장합니다

창의성에 열정을 더한 건축설계에서부터, 각 분야별 전문가들이 시스템으로 관리하는 건설사업관리(CM), 사업타당성분석 등 초기기획부터 건축물에 대한 사후관리까지 전분야에 걸친 최고의 토털서비스를 제공하고 있습니다.

  • Office
    Another fundament for office design lay within deliberate System Performances. Heerim maximizes spatial efficiency with the most adequate core layout and proportions for the building, also designs the most appropriate program scheme to abide with the Client’s functional requirements.
  • Residential/Housing Development
    We pursue a living space that is flexible to change and expandable to needs of the residents, with eco-friendly designs for the community to enjoy the environment. Heerim is creating new lifestyle by changing the paradigms of living spaces with unique ideas.
  • Aviation/Transportation
    Heerim holds diverse expertise in the airport designs. We proudly present the Incheon International Airport; in terms of customer satisfaction, it has been nominated as No.1 in the world for 12 consecutive years since 2005. We provided design and construction supervision for Terminal 1, which opened in 2001 and construction supervision for Concourse A - opened in 2008. In addition, the design and construction supervision services were performed for the Passenger Terminal 2.
  • Education/Science & Technology
    The fundamental role and value of education is in fostering innovation and the next generation of talents. Heerim’s vision strives to design academic environment where new ideas can flourish and to support the growth of future leaders.
  • Sports
    Our Stadium Masterplan projects include: Baku Olympic Park, Incheon Asian Games Park, and Pyeongchang Winter Olympics Master Plan. Master planning brings out solutions for inter-connecting different buildings to the surrounding atmosphere along with social features, and incorporates park revitalization and invigoration.
  • Broadcasting
    Today’s broadcasting center not only sends information, but also creates culture, and builds a network to connect the world into one. With many years of accumulated design experiences and expertise, Heerim promises to lead your business model from the beginning to the end for your success.
  • Healthcare
    Our Health Care experiences comprise of Seoul Medical Center, National Cancer Center, SNUH (Seoul National University Hospital) Complex underground space development and SNUH Outpatient Cancer center and Surgery Center domestically. Our international healthcare design experiences include 108 Military Hospital and 175 Hospital .
  • Convention/Cultural
    We vision beyond structural spaces in creating a cultural icon for people and art to establish a link and giving the architecture its symbolic existence.
  • Hotel/Leisure
    As the worldwide travel and leisure activities are increasing, accommodation and leisure facilities continues to grow. Four Seasons Hotel Seoul, W Hotel at Walkerhill Seoul and Sheraton Hotel Incheon represent our major hospitality experiences in the country.
  • Industrial
    Based on our abundant domestic and global experiences in high-tech fields, we can maximize project efficiency from planning to final quality control as the design and construction engineering partner.
  • Interior Design
    An interior space should not simply be aesthetically pleasing, but also communicate between the architecture design and the organization it houses. Heerim’s interior design pursues ‘total design’ through cooperation with other related disciplines.
  • Master Plan
    Heerim’s urban design involves a variety of services from overseas urban development, master plan, urban planning, landscape design of nature-friendly outdoor spaces and cityscape design. A close interrelation of those fields of services secures project viability and profitability while adding locational value to the development sites.
  • Commercial
    Heerim’s commercial design strength stems from an interdisciplinary collaboration with architectural design, urban design, and retail planning. We effectively adopt and respond to the changing market demand and trends, delivering the most effective solution for our clients.
  • Construction Management
    Heerim provides Total Service of Construction Supervision and Construction Management, as well as Design Construction Management and Design Build Management. DCM, Design Construction Management, is a simultaneous performance of Architectural Design and Construction Management, influencing one another to create synergy effect, and DBM, Design Build Management, is a performance covering a complete process of the project from design to construction.