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행복을 향한 고객의 꿈, 희림이 함께 합니다

희림은 1970년 창립 이래, 건축산업을 통하여
우리 삶의 사회적, 문화적, 경제적 가치 향상에 기여한다는 자부심으로 국내외를 무대로 성장한 건축종합서비스회사입니다.

Founded in 1970, Heerim Architects & Planners is the leading architectural practice of Korea successfully expanding its mark in both domestic and international markets. Combined with creative thinking, innovative technical knowledge and talented pool of professionals across all disciplines, Heerim provides global standard design solutions in every aspect of the project. Our services strive to exceed beyond the client expectations which extend from architecture, construction management to one-stop Design & Build Management services delivering a full solution package. Under the vision of becoming the leading global design provider, Heerim continues to challenge our goals firmly rooted in our corporate philosophy that “growth of the company is meaningful when it contributes to a happy, fulfilled life for all”. Combined with dedicated and innovative design minds, Heerim continues to expand, diversify, and explore worldwide where inspiring opportunities allure us.

Young Kyoon Jeong