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Baku Olympic Stadium

'Baku Olympic Stadium' located in the capital city Baku of Azerbaijan is a multi-purpose sporting complex accommodating 68,000 spectators which Heerim provided both design and CM services up to its completion in 2015. Mainly being used as the home field for national football team of Azerbaijan, the stadium had successfully served as the main stadium to host the inaugural 2015 European Games. The opening ceremony of the games was highlighted with stunning lighting effects and dynamic design which amazed the participants, spectators and foreign press. The stadium design motif was inspired by the Maiden Tower (UNESCO world heritage of Azerbaijan), while the dynamic stadium façade embodied the image of burning flame which is the symbol of Azerbaijan itself, the ‘land of fire’. This sports venue fully complies with the requirements and standards set by IAAF, FIFA, UEFA, which is also strategically planned to serve other various events in the future other than football and athletics such as live music performances and more. Apart from oval-shaped stadium conventionally designed to accommodate 400m running track, Baku Olympic Stadium sits on a perfect circular platform. Also, it is designed as a structurally stable building to withstand wind and seismic shocks considering the regional climatic and topographical characteristics.

2015 ENR Global Best Project - Sports/Entertainment
ACEC New York 2016 Engineering Excellence Gala - Diamond Award - Structural Systems
2016 World Stadium Congress Award
FIDIC Awards of Merit 2016