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Incheon International Airport Passenger Terminal 2

Design & CM by Heerim - ‘Incheon International Airport Terminal 2’

The gateway to North Asia, Incheon International Airport Terminal 2 is approaching to its grand opening. In 2011, the Incheon International Airport Cooperation announced the design competition for the 'Incheon International Airport Terminal 2' in order to respond for the rapidly increasing passenger demand. Heerim consortium (Heerim, Gensler, Mooyoung) won the design competition and completed the basic design and construction documentation work for 4 years. In addition, Heerim performed the construction supervision service so that process management proceeded smoothly as the supervision business was expanded to all business packages within the scope of 'Responsible Supervision' not only at design but construction phase as well. Motivated by the notion of ‘Phoenix’, which symbolizes the reign of peace, Heerim represented the vision of Incheon International Airport leading the future airport. The ceiling design of the interior check-in counter embodying the shape of phoenix feather creates a sense of diversity and volume. The shape of roof structure of Hanok (Korean traditional house) is embedded in carousel area for baggage claim. Interior landscape was designed in transit node area and at the end of antler area of boarding lounge to become environment-friendly green airport. Accommodating 18 million passengers annually, the terminal 2 approaches to its operation on Jan, 18th 2018, where four internationally recognized airlines such as Korean Air, Delta, Air France, KLM will be operated. On the other hand, Heerim has the world's best technology and know-how in all airport related fields such as airport design, renovation, and extension works, including Incheon International Airport Terminal 1, boarding gates, Incheon International Airport Terminal 2, Long Thanh Int'l Airport Passenger Terminal, Qingdao New Airport Passenger Terminal Interior Design and others.

Special Prize Exterior, Prix Versailles Continental Ceremony(2018)